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You're not powerful. Get over yourself.

Don’t worry. I’m not talking about myself.

It’s funny how the emotional instability of two people when they come together can create a wake of destruction before they even realize it. Don’t underestimate the potential of a unwell powerful man.

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Do you like the person you've become?

We all change. We grow from circumstances. Mistakes. Pain. What we become is still us just an evolved version of our prior selves. What change are you referring to?

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I don't want a break at all

What break?

You know when you build a house with someone in your mind? Then with time it turns into a home. My own personal refuge. Then that person leaves and you’re left all alone in this imaginary house with all your imaginary happy memories longing for something real.

Everyone leaves eventually. We’re all just living our own separate lives.


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Absence does not make the heart grow fonder. In fact, sometimes it allows us to come back to our senses.

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Miss youuu

I miss you too Alson!! We should Skype soon. Are you coming for HLA grad?